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News Tuesday, 01 December 2015





The role of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Family of the Government of Catalonia is to administer policy on social services, women's issues, youth, the elderly, families, childhood and adolescence, immigration and support for Catalan migration, gay, lesbian and transsexual people, fostering and adoption and people with disabilities and dependency. The Ministry is also responsible for managing the care facilities of the public network of social services and to establish social inclusion policies. Furthermore, the Ministry of Social Welfare and Family also drives community action, coordinates and manages the network of civic and social facilities, encourages the civic and social consciousness as well as supports social organizations and volunteerism.


One of the main points specified in the Government Plan 2013-2016 , which lays down the most significant aims and measures the Government seeks to achieve during its term of office, is promoting social cohesion and public interest services. Consequently the Catalan Government has set the following targets:

  • Ensure the provision of social policies associated with the welfare state.
  • Drive strategic planning and knowledge management and implement new ways of managing the provision of services associated with social policies based on efficiency and effectiveness standards.
  • Step up the fight against social exclusion by reducing the number of people at risk of poverty and sponsoring an agreement to fight poverty in Catalonia.
  • Promote prevention and protection against risk situations to which the most vulnerable groups may be exposed, paying special attention to children.
  • Drive the Catalan law on promoting personal autonomy.
  • Improve policies to foster social inclusion by increasing the percentage of people with disabilities integrated into the labour market.
  • Introduce policies that ease the integration of religious diversity by defending values that positively promote religious expression, human rights, gender equality and acceptance of democratic values.
  • Support the activities of third sector community, civic and cultural organisations as a basic component of the Catalan welfare system.
Updated date: 25.06.2013